Successful Mathematics Tutoring and crash courses for students are available at Mentorium! Several thousand students annually give us their confidence with booking our successful best resume writers math tutoring. Most students and high school graduates use our math tutoring for the exam preparation (university exam and Abi exam).

Our maths lecturers, tutors and tutor help you in all phases of your studies or in the Abitur. This includes the refresher course from the basics of mathematics to high school graduation (maths tutorials, high school mathematics), mathematics tutoring accompanying lectures and intensive exam preparation.

We offer one-to-one supervision (one-to-one math lessons, one-to-one tuition) as well as group lessons. Mathematics tutoring and crash courses are both online (online lessons) held or in larger university towns nationwide on site (classroom teaching).

Success comes from quality

On our website, mathematics tutoring, lessons and crash courses for students, students and high school graduates are at the highest level. Only the best maths lecturers work for us.

Our tough and uncompromising selection process is only about 5% of all applicants (lecturers). Our students benefit from our high quality standards on a daily basis. They notice that we are optimally preparing them for their important mathematics exams.

Our success rate

About 97% of our students and students do their math exam; very often they score better than the average.

Nationwide mathematics tutoring

We offer mathematics tutoring nationwide, such as: in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Edinburgh. We also supported students from EU countries Our online math tutoring and courses are available worldwide, very efficient and flexible in planning.

Success in math exams should not depend on chance and the
the choice of the right lecturer also does not happen by chance.
Our high quality standards create systematic success,
every one of our math lecturers is extraordinary!

At Mentorium, mathematics is not abstract but concrete. You will learn complex contents vividly through exercises and practical examples. So you realize that mathematics is not a necessary evil, but rather an elementary technique. Whether it’s the development of smartphones, the logistics planning of parcel deliveries or the evaluation of risks of insurance or investment, no industry can do without mathematics!

Of course we pick you up on your individual level of knowledge. This includes the teaching of important basics from the school or previous semesters. It is important to us that you have a sense of achievement!

This does not work by memorizing formulas, but by recognizing the context. We want to make sure that you can use what you have learned safely and are optimally prepared for your exams. Almost all the students in the last, the third exam, pass this important exam with our mathematics lessons.

Of course it’s not always easy and you really have to get involved with math. But the job pays off if you pass your passed math exam an important step closer to completion.

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