Exam preparation math for students

Most common reasons for math tutoring

Intensive exam preparation for the first exam, retest or final exam in higher mathematics, business mathematics, financial mathematics, operations research or numerics at a university, college or college.

Exam preparation Mathematics for the Abitur

Intensive preparation for a math exam / math exam, a basic math course or mathematics advanced course in, for example, Analysis, Linear Algebra, Min-Max Tasks, Curve Discussion, Stochastics, Probability Theory, Statistics or Analytical Geometry.

Study-accompanying mathematics tutoring / instruction

Lecture-accompanying mathematics tutoring, so you always stay on the ball, understand the lecture, calculate the exercises and can prepare yourself without stress on the math exam.

Intensive repetition / repetition mathematics

Very intensive repetition of mathematical basics, such as power laws, equations, inequalities, zero calculation, curve discussion, derivation rules, integration, systems of equations, proof procedures, complete induction, stochastics and probability calculus etc.

Preparation for a mathematics-oriented course

A great many prospective students use the time between graduation and beginning of studies to prepare for the problem area of ​​higher mathematics. Programs in which mathematics plays an important role are eg economics (BWL, VWL), engineering sciences, computer science, mathematics on teacher training, physics, chemistry , Biology, geosciences and meteorology.

Math Software Courses, Help & Tutoring

Many students, Ph.D. students and staff at institutes and higher education institutions use our math software courses for example for MATLAB, Mathematica and Maple.

Teaching forms of mathematics tutoring.

Mathematics online lessons / online tutoring

(very effective, very popular, nationwide and international)

Math attendance lessons / presence tutoring

Homework, exercise tasks

(no lessons, you can mathematics tasks (exercises, homework) count on us and get the solutions sent by email)

Classes of our mathematics tutoring

Individual exam preparation for mathematics

You book as many lessons as you like, but we also give you individual recommendations for an optimal exam preparation.

Study-accompanying mathematics tutoring

The ideal way to prepare yourself for upcoming exams without stress, to follow the lecture and to be successful with exercises / homework

Math crash course

With a math crash course you can prepare yourself in a short time and very intensively for a math exam. A math crash course typically goes on for a week or two.

Mathematics tutoring in block lessons (for example, one week of math, 8 hours a day)

Weekend Course Mathematics Tutoring / Lessons

Very intensive math tutoring / lessons over the weekend – Saturday + Sunday

Summer Courses in Mathematics tuition, lessons

Use the semester break / lecture-free time and prepare for an important exam in higher mathematics, business mathematics, financial mathematics or numerics

Topics of mathematics tutoring

  • Mathematics Basics (Power laws, equations, inequalities, differentiation, integration, systems of equations, curve discussion, complete induction, stochastics, combinatorics, geometry)
  • Higher mathematics tutoring (Analysis, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations)
  • Business mathematics tutoring (Analysis, Linear Algebra, Linear Optimization, Econometrics)
  • Financial mathematics tutoring (Interest calculation, pension calculation, repayment calculation, investment calculation)
  • Operations Research tutoring (Linear, nonlinear optimization, game theory, decision theory, network engineering)
  • Numerics tutoring (Numerical representation, rounding errors, numerical differentiation and integration, interpolation, nonlinear systems of equations, Newton’s method, eigenvalue calculation, initial value / boundary value problems)
  • Math software courses (like MATLAB, Mathematica and Maple)

Group sizes of mathematics tutoring

  • Mathematics group lessons (homogeneous and efficient small group lessons)
  • Mathematics Private Lessons (individual one-to-one lessons / individual tutoring)
  • Mathematics exercise groups (homogeneous and efficient math practice groups, calculation of exercises, typical examination tasks / task collections, old exams)

Typical departments / programs

  • Economics (Business Administration, Economics)
  • Engineering, Engineering
  • industrial engineering
  • Natural Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Meteorology, geosciences
  • Environmental Sciences, Alternative Energy
  • Computer Science, Computer Engineering
  • Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering
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