Help and courses for math software

We offer students, students, doctoral students and staff from institutes and companies courses in popular mathematics software. The handling of the respective mathematical software can either be learned systematically or specific, case-related tasks and problems can be solved (eg numerical differentiation, integration, optimization, financial mathematics). Our experts in math software provide support and help in:

  • Mathematica
  • Maple
  • MS Excel Mathematics / Financial Mathematics functions

Our quality standard – our math lecturers, tutors and tutors

Our team for our mathematics tutoring consists of highly qualified and experienced mathematics faculty, tutors and tutoring staff. They are experts in all areas of mathematics. But they also understand where the problems with math lie and can feel into the fears of students. Our employees bring with them the right mix of knowledge, patience, empathy, didactics and humor and thus make an interesting, motivating and successful mathematics tutoring possible. We ensure our high quality standard through intensive, hard and uncompromising selection procedures. Only about 5% of all applicants work for Mentorium as math or statistics lecturers.

That’s why Mentorium has the best math teachers, tutors, and tutors:

Every single lecturer goes through a tough selection process at Mentorium.

In addition to the subject-specific qualification, the personality, didactics and the handling of exceptional situations are also examined.

Only about 5% of all applicants will end up working for Mentorium.

However, this also means that about 95% of all providers can not keep up with the quality standards of Mentorium.

Our standards are very high. We only want to work with the best teachers and invest a lot of time and energy.

TIP: Free reservation for math tutoring

There are periods in the year in which a particularly large number of students want to book math tutoring, crash courses or math software courses. In these typical exam phases, bottlenecks can quickly occur and then math tutoring courses, courses or lesson groups are fully booked. The reservation for math tutoring / math tutoring is free; So there are no additional reservation fees. As soon as an exam date is fixed or you have to go to a math exam, you should in any case make a reservation early, because for sure is safe!

You determine the time window: For a desired time window we plan for example. Math tutoring, taking part in a math crash course or exam preparation.

Security: The reservation gives you the necessary planning security. You still have your head free for more upcoming exams and maybe you can prepare yourself for the math tutoring or the crash course.

Reservations especially useful in: math tutoring / courses over a weekend, math tutoring / courses over the semester break (holiday courses), preparation for math examinations.

Flexible in terms of time despite reservation: If something very important gets in your way before the beginning of the reserved mathematics lesson, you have the possibility to call us a new start date by e-mail at least one week before the start of the math tutoring , Depending on our resources we will confirm this or another start date.

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